29/03/2020 Online-Sobremesa with Pirate Care

In einer Online-Sobremesa sprechen wir mit pirate.care über Learning from Vulnerability.
Anregung dazu gibt u.a. diese Seite aus dem Syllabus von pirate.care: http://syllabus.pirate.care/topic/coronanotes/#an-invitation-to-join-the-collective-note-taking

In the first attempt of a sobremesa online we meet Pirate Care to speak about Learning from Vulnerability. We discuss as a starting point this page in the pirate care syllabus: http://syllabus.pirate.care/topic/coronanotes/#an-invitation-to-join-the-collective-note-taking.

Pirate Care is a transnational research project and a network of activists, scholars and practitioners who stand against the criminalization of solidarity and for a common care infrastructure. A core strategy of their work is the creation of a “syllabus” gathering practical and tactical tools to respond to the current “care crisis.”
As part of their residency in Vienna (at studio das weisse haus in cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien), Pirate Care would like to take time to reflect more around the pedagogical aspects of their work on a syllabus, seeking critical conversation with people active in radical pedagogy. The aim is to reflect on how the input coming from social movements might be best developed and organised online to become a useful resource for other activist contexts.